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Writing Center FAQs
What is the Writing Center?
The Writing Center is a place where students can get one-on-one help with their writing projects from a trained student tutor.  Tutors help both with papers and presentations for classes as well as other professional writing like resumes and application letters, for example. 
Where is the Writing Center?
The Writing Center is in the Whitten Student Center, room W118
What are the Writing Center hours?
Writing Center hours vary slightly by semester.  See the Writing Center Portal page for current information.
Who uses the Writing Center?
The Writing Center is available to all Woodbury undergraduate and graduate students. 
Do I have to pay for a tutorial?
No, tutorials are free.
How long are tutorials?
In-person tutorials are 30 minutes long.
Do I have to schedule an appointment?
We recommend that you schedule an appointment.  This is the best way to fit a tutorial into your busy schedule at the time you desire.  Walk-ins are always welcome, however, as long as one of our tutors is not working with another student. 
How do I schedule an appointment?
In three ways:  (1)  you can schedule online on the Writing Center website; (2) you can call for an appointment at 818.252.5232; or (3) you can walk into the Writing Center and talk to a tutor. 
What kind of assignments can I bring? Can I bring in things that are not for a class?
You can bring in any piece of writing, even if it is not for a class.
What do I need to bring with me?
You should try to bring everything related to the writing project, including the assignment, books, outlines, drafts, and previous feedback.  Tutors will look at your work on a laptop or tablet, but working from a phone screen will be difficult.
I haven’t started writing yet, but I need help with ideas.  Can I still come in?
We can help you at all stages of your writing, including brainstorming ideas at the beginning and polishing at the end. 
English is not my first language. Can you still help me?
Yes. Our tutors have received training and have a lot of experience working with students whose first language is not English.  In addition we have an ESL specialist.
What happens during a tutoring session?
During a typical tutorial, the writer and tutor sit down together, the tutor does a quick read of the writing project, and the writer and the tutor will discuss the writing project in a collaborative way that stresses both the strengths and weaknesses of the writing project.  At the end, the writer and the tutor will review what they have discussed.
I have a busy schedule and can’t come to the Writing Center during its hours. What should I do? 
While in-person tutorials provide more help and direct in-put, the Writing Center also offers online tutorials.  You will receive your online tutorial within 24 hours.
Are there any limits to how many appointment I can make? 
You may have two appointments per day, but they should be for (1) different writing projects, (2) different parts of the same writing project, or (3) the same writing project after corrections have been made.  There is no limit to the number of appointments you may make in a semester.
Who are the Writing Center tutors, and how are they selected?
Our tutors come from all schools at the University and are as diverse as the student body.  They are outstanding student writers themselves and are selected for their writing and interpersonal skills.  After being hired, tutors go through a rigorous training and receive ongoing training every semester they work.  You can learn more about them by visiting the Writing Center website.
Will Writing Center tutors edit my writing for me and correct all the errors?
Sorry, Writing Center tutors are trained to help you improve your writing, not to improve it for you.  They are trained to help you develop your proofreading skills, not to proofread for you.
My instructor is requiring me to visit the Writing Center.  How will my instructor know that I have?
Mention to your tutor that you would like a copy of the “Tutorial Report” sent to your instructor.