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2.   If the upload link for online tutorials is not available, it means that the Writing Center has temporarily reached its capacity for providing online tutorials.  Please try again later.  Limiting access to online tutorials is sometimes necessary when the number of tutorials requests in the queue reaches a pre-set number.  Access will resume when on-duty tutors reduce the number of tutorial requests in the queue.  This policy is necessary in order to maintain the quality of Writing Center online tutorials that you expect.  If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Professor Laurel DiGangi or Dr. Reuben Ellis.


818.252.5232         Writing Center Email
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For More Information about the Writing Center
Professor Laurel DiGangi
Actiing Director of the Writing Center
Dr. Reuben Ellis
Chair of the Writing Department
"I am still committed to the idea that the ability to think for
one's self depends upon one's mastery of the language."
                                                                      Joan Didion



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