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(UNDER CONSTRUCTION  Advising Scenarios & Helpful Hints handout)


 Registration Form

§  Must be filled out when student wants to register for classes on paper.
§  Students register online through Self-Service once the advisor opens their registration.
§  Students might need to register on paper if:
·   Student has transfer credit from another institution and Self-Service does not recognize it as a prerequisite.
·   They cannot access Self-Service.
·   Student is still required to complete a WRIT course.
§  Steps needed to complete form:
·   After the student completes the form, it must be signed by his/her advisor.
·   Take it to the Registrar’s Office.
§  Must be filled out if student wants to DROP or ADD a course within add/drop period.
§  Also, used when a student wants to WITHDRAW from a course within withdraw period.
§  If the student withdraws from a course, they will receive a “W” on their transcript.
§  When a student fails the pre-requisite for a course and does not find out until after they have registered for the next semester, he/she will need to contact his/her advisor and make another course selection before the add/drop deadline.
§  Steps needed to complete this form:
·   After the student completes the form, it must be signed by his/her advisor.
·   Take it to the Registrar’s Office.
§  Concurrent enrollment occurs when a student is simultaneously enrolled at Woodbury and at another institution and intends to use the credit earned at the other institution towards their Woodbury degree.
§  This form is also required if a student wishes to take a course during the summer at another institution, even if he/she is not enrolled at Woodbury during the summer semester.
§  The student will only receive credit for their work at another school if they earn a grade of “C” or better and take it in the term they received permission to take it in.
§  Any grade the student earns at another college will not be compute into their Woodbury GPA. A student’s GPA reflects work done solely at Woodbury.
§  This is a petition and therefore, students should not assume that their request will be granted.
§  Steps needed to complete this form:
·   The student needs to know the course number and provide the Registrar’s with a course description for each course in which he/she wishes to be concurrently enrolled.
Exception for Academic Policy Form
§  Students should use a form when they wish to do anything which deviates from what is written in the catalog of the year which they are following.
§  This should include:
·   Extending deadlines
·   Residence requirements
·   Grades
§  While the advisor’s comments are not necessary, it would be helpful for the student if the committee knew that the student had already discussed their intentions with and had the support of their advisor.
§  If you are not sure if a student should or needs to use this form, contact the Registrar.
§  Steps needed to complete this form:
·   You should note that there is a small space reserved on the petition for written comments from the student’s advisor. Your advisee should give you the form, after they have completed the top portion, for you to add your comments.
·   After the advisor signs the petition the student should take the form to the Registrar’s Office.
§  Curriculum changes are changes in requirements. These changes can be in the form of either:
·   Waivers
·   Substitutions
§  This form is different than the Exception of Academic Policy even though it deals with changes from what is written in the catalog. This form is specific to changes regarding the requirements of a student’s major. That is why it must be signed by the appropriate dean or department chair, as opposed to the student’s advisor.
§  A waiver or substitution does not reduce the minimum number of units required for graduation.
§  Steps needed to complete this form:
·   After the student fills out the top of the form, he/she must have it signed by the appropriate department chair.
·   The form is then taken to the Registrar who will review and then approve or deny the petition.
§  The filling of the application triggers an official evaluation of the student’s progress towards his/her degree. Then, a list of remaining courses the student must still take to complete his/her degree requirements is sent to the student and is also included in the student’s advising file.
§  This form is fairly straightforward, but it should be completed and turned into the Office of Registrar two semesters before the student expects to graduate! Students will be assessed a $100 Graduation fee which must be paid prior to filling the application.