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The Four Pillars of Fraternity and Sorority Life

When you associate with a fraternity or sorority you are not just meeting new people, making new friends, and having fun; you are also becoming part of a community. You are becoming part of a brotherhood or sisterhood that is based on intangible, invisible principles. There is a common bond that is very unique and shared. You will enjoy the benefits that will last a lifetime and will grow stronger with time. To spend time at Woodbury University is one thing, but to experience it as a member of its organizations is another. So, be a part of an incredible experience – be a part of the Woodbury University Fraternity and Sorority community.

Woodbury University is a community of scholars and as such, places a strong emphasis on scholarship and academic success. The fraternities and sororities promote scholarship in a variety of ways through programs and recognition. Members of the fraternity and sorority community are honor students, scholarship recipients, and recognized for their academic successes on many levels.

Fraternities and sororities provide numerous opportunities for students to gain leadership experience. The organizations are self-governing, self-sustaining communities. New members have an opportunity to serve on a number of committees within the organization and within the Greek Council. Organization members along with leadership from their own organization officers are responsible for the operation of their chapter. In addition to organization leadership positions, members have many other opportunities at Woodbury University to gain valuable leadership skills including Associated Student Government, Program Board, and Residence Life.

One of the founding principles of Woodbury University is that of servant hood. As the mission of the institution states, the primary purpose of the University is, “To assist students in developing humane instincts and disciplined and creative minds for lives of leadership and service.” Without a doubt, service is one of the most rewarding fraternity and sorority experiences. Philanthropic events are organized each year by the chapters in order to benefit worthwhile charities. Countless hours of service are donated to organizations that are in need of assistance.

Woodbury University’s Greek Organizations:


  • ​Delta Sigma Phi
  • ​Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Sigma Omega Nu

Interesting Fraternity and Sorority Statistics

Famous Fraternity and Sorority Members

Helpful Terms and Definitions


Greek Council
The Greek Council consists of members of the Sorority and Fraternity community.  It is compiled of all Chapter presidents, the executive board and one representative from each chapter.  Its primary role is to serve as a governing body for Sorority and Fraternity life.  The purpose is to establish and maintain a strong sense of tradition through programs, practices and community events; to promote a positive community; and to educate and enforce federal, state and local hazing laws.