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Resources: Important Residential Communities Dates


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Important Housing Dates


Students interested in applying for the 2015-2016 academic year are now able to apply online at


Fall 2015

​·         Saturday,August 15:  Residence halls open to only new international/out of state students registered and attending SOAR on               Wednesday, August 19 at 12:00PM noon.
·         Monday, August 17:  Residence halls open to new international/out of state students not registered​ for SOAR on Wednesday,                 August 19 at 12:00PM noon.
·         Friday, August 21:  Residence halls open to new students at 12:00PM noon.
·         Saturday, August 22:  Residence halls open to returning students at 12:00PM noon.
·         Saturday, December 12:  Residence halls close to all students at noon for Winter Break.* 
***Limited winter break housing will be available for an additional pro-rated fee. No meal service will be available during the winter break period.  More information will be provided during the fall semester.
Spring 2016
·         Sunday,January 10:  Residence Halls open at noon.
·         Saturday, May 7:  Residence Halls close to all students at noon. Residents must check out of the residence halls within 48 hours of their last final exam or by noon on Saturday, May 7 (whichever comes first).




To complete an online Housing application, please follow these important steps:
1.Visit the application website:  For your first login, you will need to click on “If you do not have this account information, click here to sign in using a different method” on that screen.
a.  Important:  You will need your Woodbury student ID number to login.  This is not the number on your ID card.  It is the number that           appears on your official correspondence from Woodbury and looks something like P000012345.
b.  If your student ID number were 000-01-2345, you would need to enter it as P000012345.  It needs to have the “P” and no dashes.
c.  When prompted for your date of birth, enter in this format: MM/DD/YEAR.  So for example, May 11, 1980 would need to be entered as 05/11/1980.
2. Once you have signed in, click on Login under ApplyOnline.
3. From the list of applications, select New Students.
4. Please review the Housing agreement on the following page.  If you agree, check “I Agree” and then click next.
After you apply, you will be notified of your housing assignment and with instructions regarding Meal Plans and other information.
1. Login at
2. Select "Go to MyHousing"
3. Click on "Living Preferences" on the menu located on the left hand side of the screen.
4. Select "Request" and then "Room Type"
     a. Select the type of room you would like to add as a preference (i.e. North Hall Double). 
5. Click on "Add Request".