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The students who make it under a variety of circumstances have key features in common - most notably relationships with confident, competent adults who believe in them." Ann S. Masten, University of Minnesota, NY Times, June 14, 2000.


Online Resources

Department of Education

The Mentor
A scholarly journal published by the Penn State's Center for Excellence in Academic Advising. University professors and academics nationwide submit articles for publication. Free to access.

The Academic Advising Network for Professionals and Faculty Advisors
A free LISTSERV to provide academic advisors in higher education with advising information quickly and easily by using electronic mail. It provides a forum for discussions and announcements for professional academic advisors, administrators involved in academic advising, and faculty members who have academic advising responsibilities.

Advising as Teaching
A series of articles based on the work of Drew Appleby, Drew Appleby is director of Undergraduate Studies of the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis Psychology Department.

Chronology of Academic Advising

The Power of Good Advicing
By Richard J. Light, Harvard University

The National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) promotes high quality academic advising in institutions of higher education. Web site includes access to publications, research, advising guidelines, and links to other institutions and Web sites on advising.

Advising At-Risk Students at Colleges and Universities
College Student Journal, March, 2002, by Dana L. Heisserer, Phil Parette

Developmental Advising 
University of Texas, Dallas

Advising Students on Academic Probation
By Christie A. Cruise, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Intrusive Advising as a Model for Retention
By Sharon Holmes, Iowa State University. Understanding Academic Advising theory.

Intrusive Advising as discussed in the First-Year Academic Advising: Patterns in the Present, Pathways to the Future
By M. Lee Upcraft & Gary Kramer, Editors. More on Academic Advising for underprepared students.

Principles of Advising

The Meaning of “Student-Centered” Advising: Challenges to the Advising Learning Community
E. R. Melander, Penn State University

Family Education Right to Privacy Act
Questions on FERPA? Woodbury University is committed to complying by FERPA law, and keeping student records confidential.

What is Advising Theory?