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Sexual Assault Awareness and Procedures

Security Policy and Crime Report

Incident Report Form

Woodbury University is committed to providing a safe environment for its community members. Private security officers monitor the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They provide traffic assistance to visitors as well as providing general security and safety to members of the Woodbury University community.

The Security Officer at the main entrance to campus may be reached by using a campus phone at extension 208. If the Security Officer does not answer, you may leave a message or page an officer by using a campus phone and dialing 412 or an off-campus phone by dialing 818-629-0446.

The Security Officers are on campus to protect people and property and to provide assistance whenever necessary. Campus Security Officers work closely with the Burbank Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department (Foothills Division). Campus Security Officers do not carry firearms and have no authority to make arrests.

Students and guests are required to present proper identification and follow any directive given by a Campus Security Officer. Campus Security Officers provide many peace-keeping functions for Woodbury University, such as:

  • Campus safety inspections
  • Security of campus buildings
  • Campus safety escorts
  • Crowd control at campus events
  • Traffic and parking enforcement
  • Maintains a daily log of security and safety activities
  • Answers calls for service and emergencies
  • Observes and maintains a visible presence in the Woodbury University community.

Safety Measures for Campus
All members of the campus community play an important role in helping to make the campus safe and secure for everyone. By taking reasonable precautions, students can make themselves less likely to be victimized by crime. Some of these include:

  • Locking your car and not leaving valuables where they are visible.
  • Not walking alone after dark. Arranging to have friends walk with you. If no one is available, call or page the security officer and ask for an escort.
  • Reporting to a campus security officer or Student Affairs if you see anything or anyone suspicious at once.

Residence Hall Safety

  • Always lock the door to your room when leaving, even if it’s only for a minute. A minute is all it takes for someone to enter your room and steal something or to wait inside for your return.
  • Always sleep with your door locked. If you live on the ground floor, lock your windows too.
  • Never prop open a self-locking door for your convenience or to let in your guests.
  • Don’t loan your keys to anyone. Losing your keys will not only result in a hefty fine, but presents a potential security risk for everyone in your building. If you do lose your keys, notify a Residence Life Staff member immediately.
  • Mark your stereo equipment, TV, bicycle, computer, and other valuable items with your driver’s license number. The Los Angeles Police Department can give you more information on how to mark your valuables by calling their Community Relations Office at (818) 756-8866.

Occurrences of Violent and Non-Violent Crimes

Even in the most secure environment, the possibility of criminal behavior exists. Woodbury acknowledges this and periodically reviews its policies and procedures to make the campus as safe as possible.

In the event of an emergency or a criminal activity in progress, the following actions are recommended:

  1. Call 911 or the local police department (L.A. City) for emergencies.
  2. Notify campus security at ext. 208.

If the suspicious behavior is witnessed in or near one of the residence halls, please notify the residence life staff person on duty as well as security.

Programs to raise awareness about campus security issues and procedures are held during orientation, and with students living on campus throughout the academic year.

Notification of Violent Crimes
Students, faculty and staff are informed periodically about campus security procedures and crime-preventing behavior through the use of University publications and special memos. The Policy and Procedures Manual and the Emergency Procedures Handbook also provide security information to faculty and staff. In the event of a reported crime on campus, the University will provide the community a timely notice in an effort to prevent similar occurrences. Notices will be posted and distributed on campus.

The University cooperates with local police in the investigation of all reported crimes which occur on campus. The University follows federal, state, and local laws with respect to alcohol and drugs. In accordance with the Campus Security/Student Right To Know Act, the University records and publishes reports of the statistics in the Student Handbook.

Questions about the University's security policies, crime statistics, or definitions of the above crimes may be forwarded to the Office of Student Development and Academic Success.