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The educational experience at Woodbury University extends beyond classroom work. Student organizations allow opportunities to develop leadership skills, meet new people and have some fun. Student interest drives the development of each organization. We are confident that you will find one that matches your interests, and you are even welcome to start a new organization.

All student organizations using the Woodbury University name in any capacity are required to be registered with the Office of Student Development and Academic Success. The following forms (Word format) are available online:

New Student Organization Registration Form
Student Organization Registration Renewal Form


Cel Art
Cel Art is designed to promote community spirit within the Animation Department as well as the university. The events provided promote awareness toward all areas of the art form, in order to provide a well-rounded example as to the endless possibilities animation has to offer. Events include guest speakers, networking opportunities, etc. President: Nancy Nichols, Advisor: Jack Bosson 

Common Threads 
As the fashion club on campus, Common Threads aims to promote awareness of the fashion field, shed light on how it relates to a variety of topics, create an understanding of its correlation and collaboration with other fields and studies. Common Threads hosts events with other organizations on campus so that they may get better acquainted with other fields of study. Guest speakers are invited from a variety of fields relating to fashion, costume, and marketing. This is so students can have access to outside experiences and have knowledge of what to expect from the real world of fashion. President: Carla Moran, Advisor: Louise Coffey-Webb

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
AIGA’s purpose is to further excellence in design as a broadly defined discipline, strategic tool for business and cultural force. AIGA is a professional association committed to stimulating thinking about design through the exchange of ideas and information, the encouragement of critical analysis and research and the advancement of education and ethical practice. President: Joanna Blekier, Advisor: Sue Vessella

Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO)
The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization informs, supports and inspires college students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation. President: Eridani Quiroz, Advisor: Bud Walker

Communication Club
The Communication Club at Woodbury University is dedicated to the enrichment of students through imaginative, collective and intuitive activities. Their aim is to embrace the diversity of the student body while deepening our individual and mutual understanding of communication. President: Alice Nazaretian, Advisor: Edward Clift

Health and Wellness Club
As members of the Woodbury University Health and Wellness Club, students commit to the promotion and endorsement of a healthy lifestyle. Their common goal is to inspire the student body of Woodbury University to make living healthy a daily part of their lives. President: Nancy Nichols, Advisor: Theresa Somerville

Social Animals/Psi Chi
Social Animals, also known as Psi Chi, is an academic and social organization, which encourages members of all ethnic and cultural groups, with an interest in gaining knowledge in the field of psychology. Our goal is to promote an inclusive atmosphere by uniting students of various backgrounds. Its members will gain academic awareness through a variety of guest speakers. Information on research, scholarships, volunteer and career opportunities will also be presented. Also, of major importance to the organization is visible, hands-on community service. President: Carla Hartshorn, Advisor: Carol Rainwater

Society of Accounting and Business
This organization enables Accounting and Business students to build lasting relationships and to have a better understanding of job opportunities in their field. President: Carolyn Salib, Advisor: Jon Myers

Towards Balanced Architecture (TBA)
Towards Balanced Architecture is for the purpose of increasing exposure to the female contributions in architecture simultaneously creating a network between students, faculty, and the architectural profession to aid in individual and communal growth within Woodbury University. No gender or educational preferences - all who are interested are welcome. President: Jennifer Bailey, Advisors: Paulette Singley and Jeanine Centouri


Armenian Students Association
Armenian Student Association is a non-profit student organization that unites students of the Armenian culture. Its mission is to introduce Woodbury students to the Armenian culture. Activities of the group include fundraisers, educational lectures and social events. Membership is open to all students. President: Husik Palandzhyan, Advisor: Aida Artenian

Black Student Union
The underlying philosophy of the BSU is to serve and unify all students of Woodbury University by serving their needs. It seeks to identify relevant issues and initiate appropriate action to reduce or illuminate any impediments believed to be adverse to students and their continued well being and matriculations. President: Delicia Jones, Advisor: Verletta Jackson

International Student Organization
This organization is designed to introduce international visiting students to America through diverse modalities of fun, adventure and new friendships. While transcending all cultural, lingual and educational barriers, ISO intends to create an interconnected transnational network of support and friendship. This will aid in the acceptance and adaptation of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds between the United States and other nations. President: Nika Payuran, Advisor: Elisabeth Sandberg (Fall ‘06)/Yvonne Correa (Spring ‘07)

L.I.G.H.T (Living in God’s Hands Today)
L.I.G.H.T. is a group dedicated to discovering God’s truth throughout studying the Bible, personal sharing, and prayer. We are open to all whether you are already a believer, simply a seeker, or just curious. It is our goal to help you discover Christ’s love for you and to grow together in this journey of faith. L.I.G.H.T. is not about: (1) debating and arguing over doctrinal issues like predestination in Christ, (2) judging people or putting others down, (3) focused on a particular denomination. We represent many denominations but one body of believers under Christ’s leadership. President: Yessel Ybarra, Advisor: Seta Javor 

Sororities and Fraternities

Beta Lambda Chi Fraternity
Beta Lambda Chi is a local fraternity that promotes brotherhood and a better understanding of many cultures through the coordination of social and philanthropic activities. Membership is open to all male students. President: Javier Sola, Advisor: Mauro Diaz 

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity
Delta Sigma Phi is a national fraternity represented at Woodbury by the Epsilon Pi chapter. Membership in this organization is open to all male students. It welcomes all majors, with new members pledged each semester after the Rush period. Activities of the group include philanthropic and service projects, educational sessions for members, fundraisers and social events for members and the entire University community. President: Matthew Beausoleil, Advisor: Phil Pack

Omega Psi Delta
Omega Psi Delta is a local sorority founded in 1991 at Woodbury University in order to establish a sisterhood among women. It is an organization of respectful, proud, and sincere women. The women of Omega Psi Delta develop sisterhood and lasting relationships through social and philanthropic activities. The organization continues to offer love, diversity, and dedication as it did when it was founded. Membership is open to all women on campus. President: Delesia Hill, Advisor: Jennifer Gomez

Phi Sigma Sigma
Phi Sigma Sigma is an international sorority. Membership is open to all full and part-time undergraduate women. The women of Phi Sigma Sigma share a commitment to lifelong learning. They teach each other and learn from each other. They make academic achievement a priority, fostering an environment that encourages our membership to reach their highest potential. Phi Sigma Sigma values making a difference in the lives of others. Hence, they become leaders in their communities, their professions, and their sisterhood. Leadership through service comes naturally to their women as they cultivate personal growth by seeking opportunities to serve.  It is a dynamic sisterhood of women with different backgrounds but similar values. Our commitment to inclusiveness binds us, and results in stronger women who embrace individuality and share this philosophy with the world. President: Jessica Turner, Advisor: Ruth Luna 

Sigma Omega Nu
Sigma Omega Nu is a regional organization that strives for sisterhood, scholastic excellence, self- improvement and cultural awareness at Woodbury University, as well as the community. Membership is open to all full time female students on campus. President: Claudia Chavez, Advisor: Arturo Medina