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Welcome to Student Affairs!

Our Mission:
In collaboration with students, faculty, staff and families, Student Affairs facilitates students’ transformation and enriches their educational experience by embracing their goals, dreams and aspirations. 


  • Offer opportunities for engagement in educationally purposeful activities,
  • Challenge students to develop academically and personally,
  • Provide the support necessary for them to do so, and
  • Advocate for their needs.


Academic Peer Mentor Bios.aspxAcademic Peer Mentor Bios
Academic Peer Mentors (APMs).aspxAcademic Peer Mentors (APMs)
Academic Support (OSD).aspxAcademic Support (OSD)
Active Shooter Information.aspxActive Shooter Information
Advising Helpful Hints.aspxAdvising Helpful Hints
Associated Student Government.aspxAssociated Student Government
Benefits of participating in the Peer Mentor Program.aspxBenefits of participating in the Peer Mentor Program
Counseling Center.aspxCounseling Center
Faculty Advising.aspxFaculty Advising
Faculty-OSD Advising (FOA) Committee.aspxFaculty-OSD Advising (FOA) Committee
Food Services.aspxFood Services
Fraternity and Sorority Life.aspxFraternity and Sorority Life
Health and Counseling.aspxHealth and Counseling
Health Services.aspxHealth Services
Helpful Links.aspxHelpful Links
Housing Application.aspxHousing Application
How To Apply for Housing.aspxHow To Apply for Housing
How to become a Peer Mentor.aspxHow to become a Peer Mentor
International Peer Advisors (IPAs).aspxInternational Peer Advisors (IPAs)
International Students.aspxInternational Students
Oakwood Appartments.aspxOakwood Appartments
Official Policy on Special Needs.aspxOfficial Policy on Special Needs
Online advising resources.aspxOnline advising resources
Online registration information.aspxOnline registration information
OSD Academic Advising.aspxOSD Academic Advising
Program Board.aspxProgram Board
Residential Communities.aspxResidential Communities
Room Layouts and Rates.aspxRoom Layouts and Rates
San Diego Academic Support.aspxSan Diego Academic Support
Sexual Assault Awareness and Procedures.aspxSexual Assault Awareness and Procedures
SOAR Peer Advisors (SPAs).aspxSOAR Peer Advisors (SPAs)
Student Handbook.aspxStudent Handbook
Student Involvement and Leadership.aspxStudent Involvement and Leadership
Student Involvement.aspxStudent Involvement
Student Organizations.aspxStudent Organizations
Testing Services for Students with Special Needs.aspxTesting Services for Students with Special Needs
Transfer Peer Advisors (TPAs).aspxTransfer Peer Advisors (TPAs)
Travel Froms.aspxTravel Froms
Woodbury Burbank Evacuation Zones.aspxWoodbury Burbank Evacuation Zones