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Dov Educational Services is exclusively contracted to serve as Woodbury's testing center, providing nationally standardized tests to Woodbury students and alumni including the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), the Miller Analogies Test (MAT), DSST (also known as Dantes), and others. The test center offers exams seven days a week and is located close to the Burbank campus at 135 N. Victory Blvd., Suite B, Burbank, CA 91502. Please call or email the center directly for more information about the full range of services provided and associated fees: 818-929-4924 or The website for our testing center is  

Woodbury students are required to file a concurrent enrollment petition with the registrar, available on the portal, in advance of taking any standardized exam for credit.

 What are CLEP and other similar exams?

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) consists of 34 exams that allow you to receive credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores. The DSST is similar. You may able to take a CLEP or DSST test in place of College Algebra, Macro or Micro Economics, etc. You can shorten your time to graduate, ease your credit load, and save money.

What are the exams like?

There is a copy of "The College Board CLEP Official Study Guide" on reserve, in our library. It includes descriptions and examples of all the CLEP tests. The websites for CLEP and DSST provide great information as well as some practice material. Use this information to  help you decide if you are prepared for the various tests. A realistic way to think of these tests is as "replacement" final exams.

Am I eligible to take a CLEP or DSST test?

There are specific limits on the number of credits you can transfer into the university. CLEP/DSST examination credits are treated much like transferring a course from another institution. Woodbury students must have their faculty advisor sign a concurrent enrollment petition, which the student then turns in to the Registrar’s office for approval. Once approved, the student should email/call Dov Educational Services for an appointment to take their Woodbury approved exam. Have the approved concurrent enrollment form handy when scheduling your exam to ensure that you are signing up for the correct one. Among other items, this form states specifically which CLEP/DSST exam you need to take. No test will be given without this form approved by the Registrar!

CLEP and DSST exams are used to fulfill lower division general education courses , and cannot be used to fulfill any upper division requirements. Woodbury uses them for unrestricted elective units as well.  Most exams are worth 3 units.  Languages are worth up to 6 units, but students who have previously taken a foreign language course are not eligible to take these exams as they cover the first two introductory level courses. Woodbury does not accept CLEP/DSST exams toward most major requirements.

How do I prepare?

Since the tests are on computer, it would be wise to learn how the software looks and works before the day of the test. Visit the appropriate website to prepare. You can review the specific test you wish to take and discover what areas are most likely to be on an exam.

While this is not a recommendation, there are companies, such as Comex Systems or Princeton Review, that publish study guides. Their websites and resources are below:

How do I get my grade?

Upon the completion of your test, the computer will give you the option of canceling or reporting your scores. If you agree to "send," your official score report will be forwarded to Woodbury University within two weeks. Then, on the next screen you will get your test score. You will also get a print-out of your results when you are done. If you do not send the score, all records of your test are cancelled (except your payment.) You will not get a grade.


If you have any questions about the tests, please contact Dov Educational Services. If you have questions about whether a test will count for a particular general education requirement, see your faculty advisor and submit a petition for concurrent enrollment.