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Summer Super Session: Frequently Asked Questions


The Summer Super Session is once again being offered at Woodbury University during the Summer of 2014, and there are many questions from students and faculty alike regarding the details. The FAQ’s that are included below should provide you with good information on the Summer Super Session and help you in deciding if this program will serve your academic needs.

1.  How does the Summer Super Session differ from the roster of courses offered during the regular Summer Session?

The purpose of the Summer Super Session is to help students with their academic progress by offering Woodbury’s quality general education courses at a reduced price during the summer. Only a select few general education, integrated learning, and liberal arts courses will be available during the Summer Super Session and offered at the reduced price. Additionally, these courses will follow a special, accelerated format consisting of six weeks of instruction with the last class of the course used for the final exam. All other courses offered during the summer session will reflect the full tuition amount and will not be offered in the accelerated format.

2.  What is the price per academic unit for courses offered during the Summer Super Session?

Students can expect to pay only $275.00 per unit for a course listed in the Summer Super Session. This amounts to a total of $825.00 for the typical 3-unit course and would enable students to save approximately 75% off Woodbury’s standard tuition amount of approximately $1,000.00 per unit. Essentially this allows students to enroll in courses with Woodbury instructors that they are familiar with at a price that is competitive with the community college and Cal State system.

3.  When does the Summer Super Session begin and how long is the instructional term?

There are two sessions listed under the Summer Super Session: Session A & Session B.

Session A: Instruction begins on May 12 and runs until June 20. The final exam will be on the last day of the class during that session.

Session B: Instruction begins on June 30 and runs until August 8. The final exam will be on the last day of the class during that session.

​It is important that you check the summer schedule for the most recent course offering and their times.  Complete schedule will be posted March 21, 2014.

4.  Can students enroll in more than one course offered through the Summer Super Session?

Students can enroll in up to 6 units per session without any extra steps to fulfill provided each 6 units is offered during a different session. In order to enroll in more than 6 units per session the student will need to complete additional paperwork before they will be allowed to register.

5.  What are the requirements necessary for a student to enroll in more than one course per session during the Summer Super Session?

Students must meet these requirements before they will be allowed to enroll in more than 6 units per session:

1. The signature of the student’s academic advisor on the paper enrollment form.

2. A statement from the student’s academic advisor briefly detailing why the student should be granted a waiver to enroll in more than 6 units per session. The statement should focus on the academic abilities of the student to handle the accelerated format and increased work-load that is unique to the Summer Super Session. A statement can be emailed to the program coordinator, Randy Stauffer at​

3. The student will need to schedule an appointment with the coordinator of the Summer Super Session, Randy Stauffer, by emailing him at It is important that the student provide the following information when emailing the coordinator for the appointment:

​A. A scanned copy of the signed paper registration form and the advisors statement of agreement.

​B. Acknowledgement that students understand the accelerated nature and condensed format of the courses listed in the Summer Super Session.

Only upon completing these items will the coordinator of the Summer Super Session sign off on the enrollment form.  Approval may come in the form of a reply to the students email or, if necessary, a sign off of the students paper registration form after an in-person meeting

6.  Why are the requirements so extensive to enroll a student in more than one course per session during the Summer Super Session?

Though the courses are only six weeks in length, they will still consist of the same amount of classroom hours as a traditional 15-week course, and the workload outside of the classroom (reading assignments, writing, studying, and homework) will also remain the same. Quite simply the time commitment for our students will be extraordinary. As difficult as these requirements might seem, they are necessary to help ensure that the students are not being set-up for failure.  Please note that a student should plan on spending 22.5 hr/wk for a 3-unit course in this format.

7.  Can students enroll in a course during the Summer Super Session at the same time as a course during the regular summer session?

Students can enroll in both types of courses without having to meet any special requirements.  However, you should make sure they know about the accelerated nature of the Super Summer Session, the weekly time commitment, and the expectation that they miss NO class sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the FAQ’s provided or anything in general concerning the Summer Super Session, please do not contact the coordinator of the Summer Super Session.  You can email Randy Stauffer directly at​

7.  What courses are offered?


ARTH 205                    History of Contemporary Art

COMM 120                   Public Speaking

COMM 250                   The Director's Craft

ECON 203                    Macroeconomics

ENVT 220                     Environmental Studies

INDS 103                      Conflicts

INDS 3767                    Environmental Leadership and Politics

LSCI 105                        Information Theory and Practice

MATH 049                     Elementary Algebra

MATH 149                     Intermediate Algebra

MGMT 110                     Legal Environment of Business

PHIL 210                        Ethical Systems


ANIM 240                          History of Animation

ARTH 205                          History of Contemporary Art

BIOL 231                           Human Biology

COMM 120                         Public Speaking

COMM 341                         Film Genres

ECON 204                          Microeconomics

INDS 103                           Conflicts

INDS 104                           Knowledges

INDS 3767                         Environmental Leadership and Politics

LSCI 105                            Information Theory and Practice

MATH 149                         Intermediate Algebra

MATH 226                         Business Statistics

MATH 249                         College Algebra

MATH 251                         Trigonometry with Descriptive Geometry

MGMT 100                         Fundamentals of Business Enterprise

PHIL 210                           Ethical Systems

PHYS 2703                        Physics for Architects

POHI 331                           Classic Political Theory

​PSYC 200                           Introduction to Psychology



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