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International Students Resource Center


Individual Attention, Advisement, and Academic Support

​​ The "International Student Experience" at Woodbury

Woodbury’s International Student Experience provides international students with specialized opportunities to connect with the campus community and experience the culture of the United States and Southern California.  The four areas of focus include the following:

  1. Individual attention, advisement, and academic support
  2. Connecting with the Woodbury community
  3. Experiencing the Southern California culture 

1.     Individual Attention, Advisement, and Academic Support

Woodbury offers international students personalized attention—different from most colleges! You can expect to receive individualized attention, advisement, and support to help you succeed each semester.

  • International Student Advisor / Designated School Official (DSO) - Assists new and continuing international students in maintaining legal F-1 visa status, employment options, travel outside the United States, and all other matters related to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations.
  • Tutors and Writing Coaches Assists new and continuing international students with many different subjects, including writing and conversational English.
  • Academic Peer MentorsMeets with students every week to prepare for classes, manage their time better, and to answer any questions a student may have.
  • Faculty Advisor - Assists students with Woodbury academic courses and graduation requirements. 
  • International Peer Advisor (IPA): peer mentors who assist new international students in acclimating to Woodbury University and the United States.

 2.     Connecting with the Woodbury Community

Woodbury connects international students with others: students, faculty, and staff in the Woodbury community.

International Peer Advisors (IPAs)

All new international students are assigned an International Peer Advisor (IPA). IPAs are international students who provide support and encouragement to new international students, helping each other to adjust to life at Woodbury and in the United States.  International students are invited to apply to work as an IPA once they are in their second year of Woodbury academic classes. Visit for more information.

Course Setting:  INDS 1700 “Culture Shocks”  (3 units)

Aiding students with the cultural, communicative and social understandings necessary for studying abroad, “Culture Shocks” is an interdisciplinary course designed for domestic and international students studying, or thinking about studying, in regions other than one’s home area. Covering such issues as intercultural diversity, the differences in people’s attitudes towards education, the elderly, authority, and other values, students interactively explore their personal competencies, group skills, and cultural heritages.

3.     Experiencing Southern California Culture

Woodbury helps international students experience the culture of Southern California and the United States by planning and providing fun and educational events.  These include bus tours, beach trips, holiday parties, and other activities that allow international students to experience and enjoy the culture of Southern California!

Traditional Celebrations
  • Thanksgiving Dinner (United States)
  • Cultural Food Festivals
  • Employment workshops
Field Trips (Visit for more information.)
  • Santa Monica/Venice Beach Bicycle Tour
  • Six Flags
  • The Getty Villa
  • Getty Museum