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International Students Resource Center


International Peer Advisors

International Peer Advisors 

The International Peer Advisor (IPA) program is a resource for all incoming international students. The IPA program provides guidance to international students to assist them as they transition into life as a Woodbury University student. International Peer Advisors are students who have already gone through this life-changing situation and are now able to help others. IPAs will communicate with new international students on a regular basis to support their personal and academic success. 

Specific international Peer Advisor Responsibilities:
 • Communicate with assigned international students weekly.
 • Meet weekly with the coordinator of the International Peer Advisor program.
 • Coordinate at least two meetings per semester with assigned international students. 
 • Provide guidance to all new international students.   
 • Help facilitate International Student Orientation and SOAR international sessions
 • Coordinate and promote on and off-campus events for international students.
 • Be available and accessible to international students.

 • Maintain a verifiable cumulative and semester GPA of 2.75 or above and be in good standing with the university. 
 • Recommended completion of 0/1-unit PPDV 222 Leadership in Community Building course with a B or better. 
 • Abide by a confidentiality agreement, maintaining confidentiality and respect for individual students’ rights at all times. 
 • Must be an international student who has attended Woodbury University for at least one year.
 • Cannot work more than an additional 10 hours per week without the prior approval of the supervisor.

Click here to apply to become an IPA and support your fellow Woodbury international students!!