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Medical Insurance for International Students

Healthcare in the USA is very expensive.

Health insurance is AUTOMATICALLY provided to Woodbury students, unless you choose to waive Woodbury insurance for your own private insurer.

We require you to have health insurance (a broken toe can cost $10,000 without health insurance), but you need to take care of it yourself.

If you have your own health insurance or are an international student who has your own comparable coverage and your insurance provider has an office in the USA, 

        please visit the Woodbury Health Plan Site to submit the waiver.

You must purchase the Woodbury University health plan, or waive it, by providing us with information on your current health plan.

Woodbury University's on-site Nurse may be able to assist international students with limited insurance-related questions: Telephone:(818)-252-5238

You can also acquire information about your insurance plan and how to obtain an ID card by visiting the Woodbury Health Plan Site.

While the university’s requirement for health insurance only applies to students, dependents are urged to purchase supplemental health insurance.